ADAB is the leading and largest coordinating organization of the NGOs working in Bangladesh. ADAB coordinates the local and national NGOs who are engaged in development works in Bangladesh and provides strategic help to enhance efficiency of its member organizations. ADAB enhance coordination of NGO sector with other sectors of civil society to play role in empowerment of the poor, promoting good governance, democratization of society and sustainable development.


Expression of Interest (EOI): External Evaluation

ADAB (Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh) is inviting “Expression of Interest” (EOI) to conduct the External Evaluation of its running Project “Strengthening the Role of NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for People Cantered and Sustainable Development continuation” supported by BfdW.  Interested consulting firms/consultants are requested to send their technical and financial proposals and other relevant documents as mentioned in the TOR.

ADAB is the leading and largest coordinating body of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) working in Bangladesh. ADAB is a member driven organization and the members (Local NGOs) are involved in different ways from planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the organization. ADAB current phase project will be completed by December 31, 2021. However, the project holder and the donor organization BfdW have decided to undertake an evaluation of the project. This evaluation would be undertaken by external consultants at this stage to assess the achievements of the set project objectives, relevance of strategies and interventions and identify the problems/issues those need attention and future direction etc.

Specific Objectives of the evaluation:

  • To critically assess the progress of the project in achieving its set objectives.
  • To assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the current project strategies and interventions.
  • To assess relevance, suitability, appropriateness, and effectiveness of the activities implemented by the project in relation to its set objectives.
  • To identify the problems/issues those need attention of the project holder.
  • To assess the overall effectiveness of lobby and advocacy initiatives of the organization.
  • To assess the overall effectiveness of the capacity building initiatives undertaken for the member organizations.
  • To critically assess the effectiveness of the ADAB Resource pool.
  • To assess the effectiveness of the project management systems including the implementation, monitoring and evaluation systems followed by the project. .
  • To identify the key opportunities and constraints in achieving the set project objectives.
  • To assess the contribution of the project (if any) towards the set development goal/impact in the wider environment.

Expected deliverables/products from the Consultant(s):

The consultant is expected to prepare an analytical report in English not exceeding 50 pages including an Executive Summary where the details of findings, working papers, tables etc. may be presented as appendices. The recommendations should be presented in such way that they are useful for developing a concrete action-plan.

Time Frame:

The assignment will be completed within 45 working days spread over in three calendar months. The consultants will accomplish the entire assignment of project evaluation within this time frame.


Terms of Reference (TOR): Click here to Download the TOR


Closing Date of Submission: 01 April 2021.


How to Submit the EOI: Interested consultancy firms are requested to send the soft copy of Expression of Interest (EOI) i.e. Technical and Financial proposals to this email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.